Fashion Drug was founded in 2014 by the then 22 year old Dutch fashion lover Denise Melissa Verhappen, also known as @DENISEMELISSA_ on Instagram. 
She shared her daily fashion outfits online and as she gained followers on her instagram page she decided to turn her dream into reality and start her own fashion brand 'Fashion Drug'. A year later in 2015 was launched!

"Like many other girls on Instagram I was drooling over the amazing high fashion bags, shoes etc. you see all day scrolling down your timeline. I was inspired by the style and fashion of celebrities and fashion bloggers, but couldn't afford even half their wardrobe. From there an idea was born. I had a vision of creating high fashion items but for affordable prices! As a fashionista myself I truly know my customers and love to interact with my followers. That way I can create items that not only I, but others love as well! "

Fashion Drug offers true musthave items. Fashion bloggers and instagirls are our biggest inspiration. From the latest it-bags to badass clothing, we got you girl! We are working with fashionistas from all around the world and our @FASHIONDRUG community is growing every day! With a combined reach of over 240,000 followers we are just getting started. Here at Fashion Drug we are addicted to fashion and love to see our visions come together. We are a young and passionate team and are very excited for all the amazing things to come!


P.S. Follow our fashion journey on Instagram @FASHIONDRUG